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Ways To Be A Good Law School Student

1. Find out where the veteran law students hang out -- the 2Ls and 3Ls -- and get them to be your friends

When you're just starting out in law school, the students who have been there a while longer than you are among the most valuable resources for those looking to be good law school students. Pick their brains about whatever questions you may have. If you don't have any questions, ask them: What do you wish you had known when you were just starting out here? What they tell you will light the path toward being a good law school student in your own right. In addition to this instantaneous benefit, befriending these students could help you get a job, or at least a lead on a job, after you earn your degree. They will be out in the working world before you, right?

2. Ask experienced students what you should absolutely not blow off

Count on information overload in law school. On your own, you might not know exactly where to place your priorities. Once you've made friends with a 2L or 3L, ask them for their advice.

3. Have your 2L or 3L friend clue you in to what you can safely blow off

Equally important to your mission of being a good law school student as doing the important stuff is not doing the unimportant stuff. By getting some insight into what activities you can let fall a bit by the wayside, you will save your resources for the really important stuff.

4. Have your 2L or 3L friend help you pick the best professors

Another question that probably only another student will be able to answer honestly is whose class you should definitely take, and whose class you should definitely avoid. The registrar probably won't tell you: "This prof's class is kind of lame. Take this one instead," but a more experienced peer will.

5. Pick their brains about various specializations you might be considering

If you're caught between two emphases, use your new friends as sounding boards. They have been around a little bit longer than you and probably have some insight you will benefit from.

6. Do law review

Few things look better on a recent graduate of law school's resume than participation in law review.

7. Do internships and clerkships

The more professional experience you can gain during your time as a law school student, the better your opportunities will be for securing work as a young lawyer.

8.Plan where you'll land after you get your law degree before you get your law degree

It is never too early to set your sights on a firm or an appointment that you would like to have after you've passed the bar. If you can set your sights on a specific target early in your law school career, you'll improve your chances of getting your dream job.

9. Take some time to do non-law school-related things

Law school is its own little intense bubble. Take some time to live life outside of law school as well.

10. Stay healthy

Even the greatest law school student is only as good as his or her health. Take care of yourself so that you can approach your studies with the energy and enthusiasm they deserve.