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Ways To Be A Good Business School Student

1. Be A Leader

You've come to business school to "master" business, right? Great business school students are leaders of people. A large part of the work in graduate school will depend on your ability to work on group projects. The first rule of succeeding in group work is to marshall all of your leadership skills. Whether or not you're named group leader, your ability to inspire and motivate your team members will lead you all to great things in your work -- and great grades.

2. Respect Others

A respect for the knowledge and work of others is part and parcel of your leadership package, but so important that it's worth mentioning on its own. While you will rely heavily on your leadership skills in B school, you will find that you're in with a group of people also relying heavily on theirs. Leaders listen. Listen to what your classmates have to say. This will help you in school and down the road.

3. Know How To Delegate

Whether or not you're the titular leader of a group project, if you can hone an ability to see where the work should be divided up and to whom it should be given, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

4. Be A Team Player

Despite the best laid plans of great delegators, sometimes a teammate will drop the ball. This reality of business school is also a reality of life. Rather than grouse, roll up your sleeves and get the job done. If appropriate, address the importance of team play with your colleague after the deadline's been met.

5. Be Focused

Steps 1-4 will go a long way toward keeping you focused. In business school as in the real world, you will find yourself immersed in an environment of shifting and competing priorities. One of your most important jobs is to keep a cool and clear head in the face of all that you have to get done.

6. Be Deadline-Driven

You will have tons of papers and presentations in business school. Do yourself a favor and treat your deadlines as carved in stone.

7. Be Curious And Open To Educational Opportunities

Play to your strengths, but don't limit yourself to them. If you are great with numbers, perhaps you should take on the financial analysis aspects of group projects, but also use your experiences in business school to expose yourself to other opportunities that will develop you in areas you might not be as strong.

8. Be Bilingual

If you aren't already bilingual, consider taking up another language while you're in school. The world is only getting smaller, and the more languages you speak, the more valuable you'll be to prospective employers.

9. Get Great Internships

Speaking of employment, do your best to expose yourself to as many employment opportunities as possible before leaving school. You might find the job of your dreams.

10. Be A Great Interview

To secure the job of your dreams, do what you need to do to ensure you will dazzle your prospective employers in interviews. Having your degree will be great, but even after you've earned it, the competition for jobs will be fierce. Give yourself the edge by attending any workshops your school might offer to prepare you for recruiting.