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Sports Management and Recreation

Earnings Potential

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $13,260, while the highest paid 10 percent earned $34,280 or more.

Facts at a glance

  • Educational requirements for recreation workers range from a diploma to a graduate degree.
  • Competition will remain keen for full-time career positions in recreation.
  • The recreation field offers an unusually large number of part-time job and seasonal opportunities.
  • Sports management is a $350-400 billion business in the United States.

Summary of what this career entails

The sports management and recreation field is growing because there are more recreational and spectator sports. Someone who is in the sports management and recreation field identifies things that will make sports and/or management programs better. They deal with making sure any potential medical emergences are taken care of in terms of first aid kits and things of that nature. If there happen to be events that are to be broadcast on television, radio or computer, someone in the sports management department will have to care of things like copyrights and contracts. If the event is not to be televised, there is still work to do because one who works in sports management and recreation a lot of time is working with kids and they have to make sure first and foremost that there is sportsmanship in the games. Someone with this career also books dates and venues for games and other events for the kids (or adults if it’s something like a softball league). Another job is making sure that events are properly advertised in the media. They also hire referees, fund raise and manage facilities like locker rooms.  Places where someone in the field may work include athletic clubs, country clubs and health clubs. People in the field also work in colleges or even for professional organizations, including teams. Examples of what someone who works for a college may do in the position are arranging (and sometimes sitting in on) interviews, making sure word gets out on games and other athletic events, also making sure that players stay eligible to play in games based on grades and if they aren’t to act accordingly.

Examples and or details of work

An important position in sports management deals with those who deal with kids are keeping the parents involved. There was an article online last month discussing the fact that parents working five day weeks is a big factor in why kids are getting injured more in youth events (

Degrees that lead to this career:

Degrees that lead to a career in sports management and recreation include sports management, a degree in live-saving (if you involved in an activity like swimming), physical education, and parks and recreation.

Specific Career openings in this field:

Specific openings in the field include: Director of coaching, coach, supervisor, assistant director, director of operation, and referee.