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Online Job Hunting

The Internet has made job hunting online much, much easier for everyone involved. Employers can post their job listings online and search resume databases while job hunters can search the listings and place their resume in online databases. As easy as things have become, it can still be difficult to job hunt online. Here are five tips that will make your efforts much more successful.1. Customize Your Cover Letter and ResumeDon't send the same generic cover letter and resume to every potential employer. If you are applying for a specific job, then you should tailor your cover letter and resume to that job and company. Otherwise, they are stuck reading your generic information when you could be making a real impression by informing them about the things that are most relevant to that position.2. Post Only Public InformationDon't post private information if you are applying for a job in the U.S. Age, race, and other personal information is not required here in order to get a job. Additionally, be sure that you simply say that references are available upon request since you don't want your reference's private information becoming public on the Internet.3. Keep a JournalKeep a journal, preferably an electronic one, of the jobs to which you have applied. You don't want to apply to the same job on two different job banks. The company will think that you are irresponsible and unorganized. Your best bet is to keep a copy of the actual job description as well since sometimes companies don't post their name. This way, you can keep up with whether or not you have already applied to a job.4. Send Everything in Plain TextWhen you are sending your cover letter and resume, be sure to send them in plain text. Not everyone uses Microsoft Word, so you want to make sure that your information is easily accessible to anyone. Saving in plain text is simple. When you save a document, just change the file format to plain text.5. ProofreadMake sure you proofread your cover letter and resume before you send them. You want to be sure that you remembered to list your contact information. You'll also need to make sure that there are no misspelled words in your documents. Taking care of these details is a sign that you will be detailed if they hire you. Remember that your reputation is on the line in just these two little documents, so make sure that you prove yourself worthy of the company's time.