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Manage Stress

You will stress out in college. That’s a given. There will be deadlines you have to meet, projects that you have to research and unexpected drama that will acquire your attention. If you are prepared for the stress, you can manage it. If you control stress enough, you can convert it to a motivating force. 

Here are five functional ways to manage stress while in college.

1. Meditate

You need to develop a method of clearing your mind and relaxing. Do whatever works, just do something. Find a quiet corner and sit. Listen to silence and turn down the volume of your mental activity. Don’t try to solve all your problems while meditating. Just unwind your mind and let it rest for few minutes. If possible, do this at least once a day. 

2. Exercise

With all that time you’re going to spend working on your mind, you need to find away an outlet for physical activity. You can’t just sit in front of your computer for four years. GO to the gym. Play football with your housemates. Go swimming or jogging or just walk around campus every now and then.

3. Distract yourself by having fun

You’re going to need breaks from studying. All work and no play isn’t productive, you need to balance your responsibilities with your need to unwind. Don’t become a prisoner in your own dorm room. Venture out. Meet people and mingle. De-stress with your friends from time to time so that you can study even harder when you need to.

4. Get counseling and talk with your professors

If you’re stressing about your major requirements or what you can do with your degree after you graduate, consult the sources that are available to you. Meet with a counselor and talk about your future. See an academic advisor and map out your major requirements. Talk with your professors about the subjects you’re studying. Ask about life, career options and studying opportunities. These people are here to help you, so make use of their availability.

5. Find a quite place where you can always retreat to get some work done

You’re going to need a place where you can work in peace and quiet. Scope out some silent corners around campus. Maybe there’s a spot near your department, in the library or outside next to a shady tree. Locate your comfort zone and retreat there when you really need to focus on your studies.

Stress won’t consume you if you know how to manage it properly. Take measures to reduce your levels of anxiety before matters get out of hand. Find a quiet place to work. Ask for help from those who are qualified to give it. Balance work and play, mental and physical activity, and don’t forget to just sit down and clear your mind of worries from time to time.