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Job Search Tips

Searching for a job can be filled with anxiety. Whether you're looking for a job right out of college or you're looking to switch jobs late in life, nobody really relishes the job hunt. You might be hard pressed for money or concerned that your resume isn't competitive. The first rule of thumb when it comes to looking for a job is: don't panic.


Sure, you are bound to have worries when searching for a job. Just keep in mind that there are thousands upon thousands of jobs available. It is more than likely that you'll eventually land a job. So long as you're relaxed about the job hunt, the process will go a lot more smoothly. How might it look if you show up to an interview panicked and desperate? 


When you're overly anxious, it makes for sloppy work whether it's putting together a resume, writing cover letters, or responding to email correspondence. If you've been looking for a job for several months with still no bites, you might think about changing some of your tactics.


First, take a look at your resume. Is it easy to read and free of mistakes? It might seem strange to have to mention this but often resumes are fraught with grammatical and spelling errors. If you're an employer looking at two resumes one clean and professional, the other error-prone, which employee are you going to take?  This might be the case even if you have more experience. Go over your resume with a fine-tooth comb. Don't just spell check sometimes words can be spelled correctly but used in the wrong context.


Next, make sure your skills are highlighted. Just writing the company and the years worked is not nearly enough. You should highlight every skill used for each job. At the same time, brevity is important. A job recruiter might have a stack of 50 resumes, or even more, so your resume needs to get to the point quick. Highlight the most unique and challenging aspects of your employment. Adding bold highlights to certain job qualifications helps them stand out on the page.


It's recommended that you also make up a few different resumes highlighting different skills. This depends on the nature of your job search. If you are applying for jobs within a very narrow field, you may only need one basic resume. If you are applying for several different types of jobs, prepare resumes that correspond to the skills of each job. Most word programs include a resume builder, which can be easily customized.


When you finally do get called in for an interview, the same rules still apply: look presentable, be polite, and most of all, be aware of your audience. Some interviews will allow for some joking or witty banter, others will be all business. Just as you should submit different resumes to different jobs, you should not treat every interview exactly the same.