Interior Design

Earnings Potential

 Assistant Interior Designers make, on average $20.00 per hour.  A certified Interior Designer can make between $50,000 and $60,000 annually.  A partner in Interior Design can make up to $200,000 a year.  This is all relative to the field in Interior Design that the individual peruses as is the case in any career.  These numbers are very general and depending on the work ethic of the individual, he or she can exceed these numbers significantly if he/she wishes. 

Facts at a Glance  

  • There are currently 60,000 people in the Profession.
  • On average Interior Designers work 45 hours per week
  • Major employers for Interior Designers are Ethan Allen and IKEA

Details of Work

  Interior designers design and furnish the interior of private homes, public buildings, and commercial buildings such as offices or hotels  The most obvious detail of this job would be the ability to plan.  This talent would serve priceless in Interior Design.  One must be able to estimate the value of his or her own work.  That is to say that you must be able to calculate all of your expenses, your furniture, paints, employee wages etc., and the value of your time all relative to the markets standards all with keeping in mind your clients budget.  This can be quite challenging.  Along with these skills are general knowledge areas that one must be aware of, a general knowledge of how plumbing and electrical work is routed throughout the household or apartment is ideal when designing.   Negotiating skills are helpful as well.  Being able to negotiate both with your client as well as your wholesaler to stay on budget is immensely helpful.

Degrees that Lead to this Career

  There are several ways to go about entering the field of Interior Design.  One of which is taking online courses that give a general knowledge of the field.  There are thousands of online degree programs that offer interior design as a field of study.  Individuals attending a four year program are encouraged to get an internship of some sort that relates to interior design if not with an interior design agency itself because of the level of competitiveness in the profession.  Some schools offer a major in interior design as one of their four year programs, this would be ideal however if a school does not offer this field, a degree in arts administration, design, and even business administration are degrees that can be beneficial in entering this profession assuming one has a knack for creativity.  It is essential for ones progression in this field to pass the National Council for Interior Design qualification examination which is required for licensure.  To take the exam, one must complete at least 2 years of postsecondary education in design, at least 2 years of practical work experience in the field, plus additional related education and experience in design.  A well compiled portfolio is highly valued as well as a certificate

Specific Careers Opening in this Field

  There are several different career option for an individual in Interior design.  The residential subdivision of Interior Design includes jobs in Entire homes, individual rooms, furniture design, kitchen & bath design, physically-challenged spaces, window treatments, senior housing, historic preservation, historic restoration.  Commercially there are jobs available in Boutiques, stores, industrial complexes, financial institutions, showrooms, model homes.   There are many, many more jobs available in different subdivisions such as manufacturing jobs and retailing jobs, real estate companies are always looking for space planners, freelance consultants and environmental designers.