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Information Systems

Earnings Potential

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, earnings for computer and information systems managers vary by specialty and level of responsibility. Median annual earnings of these managers in May 2004 were $92,570. The middle 50 percent earned between $71,650 and $118,330.

Facts at a glance

  • Employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014.
  • Many managers possess advanced technical knowledge gained from working in a computer occupation.
  • Job opportunities will be best for applicants with computer-related work experience; a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with technology as a core component, or a management information systems degree; and strong communication and administrative skills.

Summary of what this career entails

Computer and information systems managers plan, coordinate, and direct research computer-related activities of firms. They help determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top management and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals. For example, working with their staff, they may develop the overall concepts and requirements of a new product or service, or may identify how an organization’s computing capabilities can effectively aid project management.

Examples and or details of work

Information system managers work 40 hours a week and may have to work night and weekends to meet deadlines. Although working in computer and information systems can be very stressful it can also be rewarding because the financial compensation is great, especially for associates in management positions. Computer information system managers plan, direct, and/or coordinate activities for computer programmers, information systems, and electronic data processors. They also develop organizational goals, policies, and procedures, as well as manage operational budget and expenditures.

Degrees that lead to this career

The minimal level of education an individual can attain is an associate degree. Some of the degrees individuals can attain include:

  • A.A. in Information Systems
  • B.S. in Business Administration-Information Systems
  • M.S. in Systems Management- Information Systems
  • M.S. of Information Systems
  • M.S. of Information Systems Management        
  • PhD of Information Systems and Technology

Specific Career openings in this field

Some of the positions available for individuals who are interested in information systems include project managers, management information systems directors, and Local Area Network/Wide Area Network managers.


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