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General Studies

Earnings Potential

Earnings potential varies depending on the job you choose. General Studies involves more than one possible genre of career. In other words, you can earn the salary of a psychiatrist or the salary of a teacher.

Facts at a glance

  • A career in General Studies can entail many things. It can be a career in Law, education, psychology, writing or politics.
  • While General Studies can be a wide-ranging concentration in college, the job requirements are specific to the career.
  • Studying General Studies in college gives you many options in terms of curriculum.
  • The General Studies major is the most popular in Harford Community College.
  • A General Studies major gives more options to a student in terms of the career that they desire.

Summary of what this career entails

What a career in General Studies entails depends on the job chosen (ex: music teacher or lawyer). You could also teach a General Studies class, which could entail two things. The first thing it could mean is that you are teaching a specific subject in the within the General Studies major, whether that be English, math or art, amongst many choices. The other option is teaching multiple subjects within one class in General Studies, which would obviously mean experience or education in at least three or four different fields. On a similar note, a good career for someone who studies General Studies is elementary school, because an elementary school teacher needs to know about more than one subject.

Examples and or details of work

The General Studies field is becoming very popular lately, because it allows students time to decide what career they want to pursue. Someone may take a General Studies course, decide they want to be a lawyer and pursue a career in law. Another person may decide that he or she wants to be a teacher and pursue a career in education. What you will be doing depends on the career you want. If someone is interested in more than one field it can help them in terms of a career in General Studies because a lot of times interests overlap and even if they don’t some employers in law (as an example) may appreciate someone with a background in religious studies or psychology.

Degrees that lead to this career

The many degrees in the General Studies field include Behavioral Science, business administration, religious studies, English, sociology, psychology, history, arts, music, and education. There are many benefits in taking on the General Studies major. It has the potential to make you as well rounded as General Studies does.

Specific Career openings in this field

Specific openings in the General Studies field depend on the person. Possible career paths include lawyer, teacher, historian, psychologist, and many others.