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Find A Scholarship

Scholarships are awesome. They give you the feeling of being recognized for your achievements. They also give you the power to pursue your future goals. If you take your scholarship search seriously, it can change the outcome of your life.

Seriously - have you ever though how about how cool it would be to go to college for free? It can happen, and if you are capable well-rounded student, it can be a lot easier that you think.

Attack your scholarship search with passionate enthusiasm. Keep looking and looking and looking. The only time you can stop looking for scholarship money is when you are handed your degree.

Scour the Internet for funding sources. Make a list of every possible identity that you can claim. Ponder on your life, and try to find past opportunities that you can use as criteria for your current scholarship search. Think outside the box. 

Start in high school. Get good grades and get involved in something outside of class. Find an interest and make it a skill. Find a scholarship that rewards applicants who display a skill or image that you posses.

Look around your local community. Find organizations that offer scholarships with specific residential or geographic requirements. If you are from a big city, they'll be plenty of local based aid opportunities to look for. If you are from a smaller town, develop a unique set of skills so that you stand out.

See if there are any scholarships offered by your employer. Find out if your parents' employers offer assistance to the college-bound children of their employee

Check out every possible scholarship that is specific to the college that you'll be enrolling in. Visit the financial aid office. Tell them you want an application for every campus scholarship that you are even remotely qualified for. Visit your major department and ask them about scholarships and other funding sources that are available to students in your major.

Fill out all your scholarship applications completely and on time. Have an organized presentation package that is confident and coherent. State your educational goals clearly, and display articulated views about your future career prospects. Take your applications seriously, and if you ever interview for a scholarship, be engaging. Make eye contact, ask questions and speak with confidence and clarity.  

If you don't happen to earn a scholarship, that's alright. Don't panic. There are still plenty of other funding opportunities to turn to. Apply for grants, loans and other scholarships. When you've finally gotten to college, keep applying for grants, loans and scholarships. Try to get as much assistance as you can, for as long as you can, just be sure  you can pay it all back after you've graduated.