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Excel In Dental School

Dental school is a four year process that involves nonstop learning. Here are a few ways that can help you excel in your studies.

Be sure that becoming a dentist is what you desire. Dental school is a very rigorous journey not unlike going through medical school. The first year can be a shock. Learning about dentistry is like learning a new language. You must buckle down and focus on adjusting to new vocabulary, terms and theories.

If you’re not sure if you want to become a dentist then there is no point in going through the motions. Adjusting to learning dentistry takes more than superior academic ability. It takes genuine interest. 

If you’re rock solid about your decision to become a dentist then the best advice for excelling in dental school is to manage your study time well. This seems like a no-brainer but sometimes the most obvious advice is the one that is easily pushed aside.

Find the most effective ways for you to study. Some people like to block out their time. After classes and before they go to sleep they will spend four or five hours studying. If you have a problem concentrating after two or so hours then change your study habits. Spend an hour each morning on your studies, a couple of hours after lunch, and maybe another two hours in the evening. Find what works for you.

Get involved in extracurricular activities. Dental school is not your whole life. Find time to have a little fun. Spend time with friends or join a volunteer program. This will help balance your life and will actually improve your grades. Spending your whole life studying can start to become stale. You need to be refreshed when you hit the books so go out and have fun. Be sure to eat well and exercise.

Get a tutor if you’re falling behind. Not everyone can be great in all aspects of dental school. There are so many different classes, lectures and lab time that you cannot excel in every one of them. If you need some help in a subject, the smart way to go is finding a tutor. Take control of your grades before it’s too late.

A tutor will help you better grasp the material learned in class and can also provide advice on how to cope with life in dental school. They can tell you the best teachers, the hardest instructors and the easiest ways to study. Take advantage of peer tutors.

Another way to excel in dental school is to prepare well for your Board Exams and Clinical Exam. You will take your first Board Exam after your second year of dental school and in the fourth year you will sit for your second Board Exam as well as your Clinical Exam. These are the most important parts of dental school because passing the exams allows you to graduate and begin practicing dentistry.

Needless to say, you must study well for these exams. They will be a culmination of everything you have learned through your years in dental school. Be sure you feel prepared. Have a good night’s sleep and eat before you take the exams. These exams can last for many hours so gear up for a marathon.

Pretty soon all your hard work will pay off and you can finally practice dentistry or go on into a residency program. The skills you learned to help you excel in dental school are lifelong lessons that can be applied to any facet of your life.