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Decide On A Major

You Know This Is What You Were Born To Study

This way is undoubtedly the easiest. It seems like some people are born with a passion or anthropology or architecture. Maybe they are, maybe they're not, but by the time they are college freshmen they have a fully formed idea of what makes them passionate when they study it. If you are one these lucky people, you don't need to read any further.

You Know This Is What You Were Born To Do For Work

You are similar to people in the previous category, but while they seem predestined to study in a certain field, you have always known that you wanted to be a sports agent, for example, or a political operative. People like you also have a pretty easy time of picking a major. What you should to do to decide on yours is to look up the biographies of people who have the jobs you would like to have and find out what they studied. If one of these people happens to be an alum of your school, you should email them and ask them how they got to be where they are.

You Met With Your Academic Adviser

If you're not sure, the first thing you should realize is that you're not alone. There are a bunch of people in your class who also don't know what to major in, first of all. Secondly, none of you are alone because all of you have academic advisers. Make an appointment with your academic adviser to talk over the question of what you should major in. Your adviser can look at your high school transcript, talk to you about what you love and hate to study, and what you might like to do for work. To make this meeting even more productive, you can think about these things beforehand. As a result of your talk with your academic adviser, you should have a list of subject areas for consideration. And where, you might ask, do you go from there?

You Talked To Faculty Members

Find the subjects on the list you made with your academic adviser and email the department heads in the various departments you've identified. Ask that person if you could drop by and talk about what it would be like to major in that area. A department head's job (part of it, anyway) is to administer all of the majors in the program, so that person will be able to give you a good idea about whether or not you and his or her subject are a good match.

You Heard An Exciting Rumor In The Dorm

Keep your ears open to what your peers are studying. Talk to people about what they're taking and whether or not they like it. You might end up with a major you'd have never dreamed you'd pursue, but one that will keep you fascinated for your college career and beyond.