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Considerations To Keep in Mind When Choosing A College

College is an important decision that must be made primarily on personal preferences. The opinions of your friends and family will be taken into account to a certain degree, but in the final analysis, you are the only one capable of choosing your future path in college and in life.


Be true to your own individual needs. If you want to stay close to home, do so. If you feel you have to get as far away from the nest as possible, that's okay too. No one else can decide what's important to you, so when you field opinions about your decision, realize that your viewpoint is the one that carries the most weight.


As you shop around for the perfect college, make a list of all the things that are important to your college experience. The more you reflect on what you want to accomplish, the easier it will be to find a school that fits your individual goals and preferences.


Here are some considerations to keep in mind


Do you like the campus?

You will be spending a lot of time on campus, so be sure that you like your surroundings. When you attend a campus visit, scope out the surrounding areas as well. If social concerns way heavily in your decision, then make sure that you know what kind of atmosphere you're going to enter before you actually arrive.


Are athletics important to you?

If you've always had dreams of attending college football games and singing your favorite team's fight song, then don't go to a school that doesn't place a premium on athletic competitions. If you plan to play sports, check out the athletic offerings of a campus before you decide to accept their offer. If you're a gym rat, make sure the workout facilities are up to your standards.


What sort of financial aid package will you be receiving?

Money matters, even when you're following your dreams. Although it may be really nice to attend that top notch private out-of-state school, it may cost tens of thousands of dollars less to enroll in an in-state public institution. Weigh your options. Debate the money issue with your family. You don't always have to choose the cheaper option, but you should always give it careful consideration.


What's the curriculum like?

Believe it or not, there's a fair amount of learning to be done in college. If you have your heart set on becoming a world class sculptor, then don't accept an offer from a school whose art department focuses primarily on photography. Make sure that the courses you want to take will be offered when you want to take them. 


Choosing a college is a process of self-reflection. Ask yourself tough questions and don't kid yourself with the answers. Be honest and thorough in your investigations, but also be confident in the fact that you are the most qualified person to make this decision.