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Communication, Speech language

Earnings Potential

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $34,720, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $82,420.

Facts at a glance

  • About half work in educational services, and most others were employed by health care and social assistance facilities.
  • A master’s degree in speech-language pathology is the standard credential required for licensing in most States.
  • Employment is expected to grow because the expanding population in older age groups is prone to medical conditions that result in speech, language, and swallowing problems.
  • Excellent job opportunities are expected.

Summary of what this career entails

Someone in the speech field is often diagnosing problems with people in order to prevent or treat the various types of speech disorders such as speech, voice and fluency. A speech language pathologist will work with people who cannot produce sounds at all or cannot express themselves clearly. Other problems that someone in the field may work with include stuttering, voice disorders, accent modification, and even people who can’t swallow properly. There are many reasons why people would have the aforementioned difficulties; the reasons include stroke, brain damage, a learning disability, mental retardation, language delay genetic inheritance, bad speech habits or hearing loss. ( and With that said, it’s obvious that someone working with persons with speech problems must practice patience and be in constant communication with the families of the impaired individual.

Examples and or details of work

An example of what someone in the speech language field may do occurs at Brooklyn College. A requirement for graduation of the school  is to either take and pass a speech class or be exempted from the class (and get credit for taking it) after seeing someone in the speech department. The student or students walk in the room and the speech language expert will test them in terms of reading a paragraph and asking basic questions. If the student does well he or she will be exempt from the class and if not they will be assigned some sort of speech class. To show how important speech and language are, In Iraq there was technology developed recently to offset the fact that there is a scarcity of military linguists. Famous athletes that have had problems with speech (more specifically stuttering) include Yankee outfielder Johnny Damon and former NBA and NCAA standout Bill Walton. 

Degrees that lead to this career

Degrees that lead to a career in speech language include (for speech pathologists) a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology also known as CCC-SLP. To earn that degree, an individual must have a graduate degree. Getting a masters degree is also crucial if someone wants to work in a hospital or a school. All states require a masters degree if one want to work in a hospital, and 11 states require a degree if you want to work in a school.

Specific Career openings in this field

Career opportunities in the communication, speech language field include speech language pathologist, professor and speech analyst.