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Build On Your Strengths

Everyone has a talent or skill in which they excel.  We often put these special talents on display through our interests, hobbies, and volunteer activities.  Applying these same strengths to your career can be the deciding factor between mediocrity and excellence.  Finding success in your career may be a simple matter of discovering ways to build on your strengths. 

What are your strengths?  It might sound like an easy question to answer, but many times we neglect some talents or fail to recognize these strong points.  While finding your major strengths might be relatively simple, uncovering hidden talents can be a bit more difficult.  Think about your specific accomplishments you have had throughout your life and career.  What skills were necessary to achieve these things?  Make a list of skills you have effectively used in the past.  If you are still unsure, consider some of the following strengths and think about whether they apply to you:

  • Leadership strengths
  • Communication strengths
  • Management strengths
  • Interpersonal strengths

Build on Your Strengths to Improve Your Job Performance

The key to career success is to build on your strengths to ensure you are always at your best.  While it is important to find ways of coping with your weakness, developing your unique talents is the surest path to true greatness in your career.  Few people go to work intending to do an “average” job, but people often find themselves unsure of their career role, insecure about their abilities, or unenthusiastic about their performance.  By building your strengths, you can find the confidence in your own ability to tackle difficult tasks, deal with uncertainty, and perform your job well.

Build on Your Strengths to Increase Your Motivation

It's all too easy to become discouraged and focus on weaknesses or failings.  If you want to overcome this negativity, build on your strengths to increase your motivation and strengthen your resolve.  Think about the things in which you excel.  If you are an excellent communicator, consider ways that you can develop this skill further and utilize it to further your career.  Speak up at meetings.  Volunteer to give a presentation or demonstration and let your excellent communication skills shine.  Remember, your employer can't recognize your strengths if you don't take advantage of opportunities to show them off.

Build on Your Strengths to Overcome Areas of Weaknesses

No one can be good at everything and no amount of training, experience, or effort can change that fact.  Instead of focusing on your weak points, build on your strengths so that you truly excel in your area of expertise.  Strive to do your best in areas where you are not as skilled, but don't invest all of your energy into compensating for these weaknesses.  Training and practice might lead to some improvement, but you can never truly excel in these areas if you lack the talent and motivation.


Instead, focus your energy on the skills and talents as you build your strengths.  Think of these strengths as an area of specialization.  Make yourself a valuable employee by providing your specialized talents wherever they are needed.