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The Best On Campus Jobs

The best on campus jobs have the highest paychecks. Unfortunately, some on campus jobs don't fit the bill. A fair number of on campus jobs hover around minimum wage. As this is the first job for a number of college students, minimum wage is sometimes the best they can get. You can't expect to be bringing in six figures right away.


There are a number of higher paying jobs on campus as well. This both depends on the college as well as the type of employment. Laboratory jobs, for example, have a better pay than cafeteria, janitorial, or library work. Like any job, it is possible to receive a raise if you stick with same position and prove to be good at the job.


The “best” job also depends on the person. Some might love working in the library, while others want hands-on experience in a laboratory that may have a direct relation to their major. Health service jobs are recommended for those in pre-med. Information technology jobs are recommended for those who are going to pursue the work after college.


There are also administrative jobs available: professor's assistant, working at the registrar, or other offices throughout campus. Campus security, construction, groundskeepers, and other similar jobs are also available. These may or may not have a direct correlation with the work you hope to get out of school, but any experience is good to put on a resume.


The best on campus jobs are also those that are less intensive. The purpose of going to college is to complete course work and fulfill the requirements of a major. You don't want to get a job that interferes with your studies. One of the reasons people seek out library work is that it allows some time to work on class assignments. In a sense, you can be paid for studying.


The number of jobs availably depends on the size of the college or university. A very large university will have a varying list of jobs. For instance, a shuttle driver from one end of campus to another might not be available at a smaller school. Larger campuses may have higher pay as well because the workload is more difficult. For instance, if you work swiping ID cards at the cafeteria, you may have to swipe thousands of cards. The same goes work at the bookstore, bursar, and other places on campus.


A college tour guide is also a popular job. This may either be a general tour for incoming freshman or a specific tour of a department. Normally, department tours are given by students studying in the department, though these jobs are available to students outside the department as well. A tour guide is a good thing to put on a resume: it shows allegiance to the college.


The pay varies for on campus jobs just as they vary in the outside world. Students sometimes have the misconception that all on campus jobs pay the same rate. This isn't true. Some jobs on campus can pay twice as much as others, or more, so research the pay scale for each job before applying. The job should be a mix of good pay, something you enjoy doing, and hopefully something that has some weight on a resume.