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There are many topics that can be attached to the certificate of arts, including culinary arts, web design, arts management, and creative thinking. In culinary arts, for example a student may learn the arts of cooking and baking dishes. Besides that an individual will learn the basics skills of cooking and may even get a chance to learn on the job as a personal chef. A specific certificate within the culinary arts field includes Baking and Pastry.

What online schools will provide you with these courses? 

Online schools that will provide courses in the arts that lead to certificates include Baker College online, which has a web design program focused on topics such as World Wide Web design, Web Scripting, and Interactive Web Design. Other online colleges include:

UMASS Online, which has a program in both Arts Management and Creative Thinking

The Penn Foster Career School, which has a program to learn Spanish

What are the benefits of having an Arts Certificate? 

The benefits of having an arts certificate are obvious. It means that the recipient is adequately trained and skilled in an area that helps them in their personal life as well as in a career. For example with a graphic arts certificate, a person can get a job with any company that uses a computer or needs a website. With a certificate in culinary arts, an individual can change their present career, upgrade to a management position, or start his/her own small business in the cooking field.