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In a certificate for Architecture, a student may be studying the impact and legacy that buildings leave on its societies. Besides that a certificate will help prepare students for a career in the architecture field. Courses taken may include construction industry, urban design history and theory, creative thinking for designers, and applied math. There are also certificates for software architecture as well as computer architecture and networking.

What online schools will provide you with these courses?

Online schools that provide courses in architecture that lead to a certificate include Lawrence Tech Online, which provides a certificate in architectural management. Other schools include

  • UCLA Extension
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • The University of AdeLaide (an architecture school in Australia)
  • Arizona Universities Network
  • University of Illinois Online
  • Mercer County Community College

What are the benefits of having an Architecture Certificate?

The benefits of the certificate include the ability to enter the field as an architectural technician at the very least. With an architecture certificate you can also get a job designing the plan for a new building. If an individual happens to obtain a certificate in enterprise architecture, he/she can get an architecture management position. If you have a certificate in computer architecture and networking, you will be up to date with the advances in this field which is crucial to gain employment.