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Alternative Medicine

Are you an alternative medicine professional interested in continuing your education online? Or perhaps you are curious about the world of alternative medicine, or contemplating a career in this field that’s become increasingly popular with the public over the years. For alternative medicine professionals and lay people considering becoming alternative medical professionals, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) provides the CAM CAM Online Continuing Education Series.


This comprehensive continuing education series is divides the fascinating world of alternative medicine into eight manageable areas of emphasis.  Among the topics your program will include are herbal supplements, mind-body medicine, acupuncture, and health and spirituality. The NCCAM program could not be more user-friendly. You watch your study materials: the course provides lecture videos and companion transcripts. Afterwards, if you are taking the course for continuing education credit, you can take an on-line test to receive your continuing education units.


Obtaining your continuing education credits online is easy, fun, and convenient. You can watch the videos whenever is convenient for you: you can wait until you get home, or perhaps you’d like to view one with colleagues between appointments. And the same goes for the tests – you take them on your own time, when you’re ready. If you are seeking continuing education credit from the NCCAM program, you must get a score of 70 or better on the test. Once you have passed the test, NCCAM will mail you a certificate of completion.