African Arabic Language

Want to stand out in the crowd? Be one of the more interesting people at the party?

Find a great job, with tons of security and flexibility?


If you're thinking about learning a foreign language, consider African Arabic! Closely related to Hebrew and Aramaic, the African Arabic language is spoken throughout the Muslim-dominated countries of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia and many other nations in the northern third of Africa.


It's also used throughout the rest of the continent in Islamic communities, and is similar to Arabic used in other, non-African nations. Currently, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language on Earth and the official language of 22 countries.


Since about 450 million people speak Arabic as a primary or secondary language, a large contingent of which speak the North African version. Not surprisingly then, corporations, governments, military installments and non-profits are eagerly recruiting translators and diplomats who can speak the language.


Besides the practical purposes of taking African Arabic language courses, there are many spiritual and historical reasons to learn it, too. Arabic has been in its literary form since at least as far back as 6th century A.D. Many archaeological inscriptions, documents and forms of poetry can only be fully understood by reading them in the Arabic they were originally written in.


So don't be afraid to break away from the pack. Take an African Arabic language course (or many), and find out why this visually appealing communication has had such a profound influence on ancient and modern cultures.