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During Super Bowl games, Academy Awards and other largely televised events, many spectators tune in not just for the event itself, but to watch the commercials. Commercials are the leading form of advertising, followed with paper ads that appear in newspaper, magazines and displays within stores. Advertising executives are responsible for taking their clients' products and determining what way would be best to influence consumers into buying that product.

Consider the most popular commercials, such as a beer campaign that is familiar to many people. It was for a beverage and contained the slogan, "I love you man!" Slogans are important short keywords phrases that are crucial to advertising. They are typically funny and are short keywords that make consumers recall the product being sold. Creating this type of campaign requires an extreme amount of creativity, patience and diligence. Clients on the first try accept few concepts. Advertising careers present a higher stress level environment because it is highly competitive.

Bachelor's degrees in advertising couple the business side with the creative classes needed to be successful in the industry. The business portion of the degree covers marketing, research, communication and campaign management. The creative side of the degree program cultivates students' ability to present their concepts to clients both through models and designs.

Advertising brings the business and creative worlds together to make a highly competitive market that is fed by consumers and their behavior. Bachelor's degrees are sufficient to survive in the market, but in order to become a partner or lead groups of advertising executives, an advanced degree will probably be helpful.