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Ace A Presentation

In college, you will have to give class presentations from time to time. Be prepared to speak in front of the class in an interesting and engaging way. Here are five tips for acing a college presentation.

1. Don't be the first person to give a presentation

Sit back and relax. Watch others go before you. Find out what works with their presentations, and consider where you think these presentations fell short. Learn from the mistakes of others, and don't repeat them when it's your turn to go. If you have more time to work, and more examples to learn from, you can't help but put together an excellent presentation.

2. Include multimedia displays

Don't just stand and talk. Mix it up with multimedia. Have audio and visual features in your presentation. Create a well-rounded display of ideas and info in multiple formats. Refuse to let your audience get bored with you by offering constant outlets for their continued attention.

3. Talk about controversial material

Challenge something, and replace it with original thinking. When you give a presentation in college, you need to find a way to be unique. You're instructor or section leader will be forced to sit through countless presentations. If you want to earn an excellent grade, you have to be memorable. Don't just say what you think everyone wants to hear. In fact, a good rule of thumb is to do just the opposite. Identify what your audience will anticipate, and give them something completely different. 

4. Pass out informational souvenirs

Have something for the class to keep themselves busy with. If you are standing up there looking at a bunch of bored students who've already given their own presentations, then you need to find a way to involve them in the material that you are representing. Pass out fact sheets, pictures and other reference material. Give your audience an informative distraction that'll increase their attention level. Let them take the souvenir with them after class so that they can be constantly reminded about the original presentation that they were just exposed to.   

5. Really get to know your material

If you stand before your class and just read off some prepared statements, your presentation will be stale. Talk about what you've learned in a conversational manner. Prepare a list of issues to discuss, and then just casually make mention of them as you go. The more natural your approach is, the more your audience will respond to the material that's being presented. The more relaxed you are with the subject matter, the more likely you will be seen as an expert. If your professors and fellow students think that you're an expert, you can't help put get in A in your presentation. 

If you've done your homework, you'll have the confidence to give an excellent presentation.