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Ace A Group Project

Group projects can be very taxing, especially for students who prefer to complete their work on their own. Group projects are necessary educational tool. You have to learn to work with other people. You have to know how to cooperate, and you have to be prepared for conflicts. You will be working with groups for the rest of your life, so learn to make the most of it.

Here are the four ways to ace a group project.

1. Be a leader

Step up and take control of the situation. Don't assume that anyone else will. Don't assume that everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing. You need to take charge and call the shots. Don't be a jerk about it, just be practical, find a way to get the job done, and execute.

2. Be prepared to do more work than anyone else

If you want to earn an A in your group project, you better be prepared to pick up any and all slack. If someone's not doing there job, you have to get on them to complete their work. If that doesn't work you can either nag to the teacher, or just throw the project together yourself. If you've instructor is already familiar with you, your ideas and your style, then you're hard work will be noticed. Don't worry about sharing responsibilities and being fair and balanced, just get it done and make personally sure that your project is excellent.

3. Don't go first, wait a little bit

If you have to do some type of group presentation to the class, chances are that there are other groups that also must make this presentation. Let a couple other groups go out and do their thing first. Find out what everybody else is serving so that you can add your own unique flavor to your group's project. Buy time to keep working, and when it's finally time for you to make your presentation, make sure that you distinguish yourself from those who went before you. 

4. Secure as many pieces of contact information as possible

There's nothing worse than being put in a group with a flake, and then having no means of contacting this person when you need to. Do yourself a big favor and exchange phone numbers and email addresses with your group members before anything takes place.

If you're prepared to take over, you'll make sure that you ace your group project. Find out what the other groups are doing first, and then go in a new direction. Get contact information from your other group mates as soon as possible. If you're not afraid to take control, you can control the situation, and make sure that everyone gets an amazing grade.