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Excel At College

1. Be Open To New Experiences

Ways To Be A Good Medical School Student

1. Be An Excellent Manager of Your Own Time

Medical school will overwhelm you. In the four years it will take you to get your MD, you will be presented with more information that you must master than you might have thought possible, even if you did attend a rigorous pre-med program. Accordingly, the first tip to being a good medical student is to develop time-management skills.

Ways To Be A Good Law School Student

1. Find out where the veteran law students hang out -- the 2Ls and 3Ls -- and get them to be your friends

Ways To Be A Good College Student

College can be a very rewarding situation. If you get fired up about it, you can challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. You need to jump right into the fray, and not be frazzled by anything or anyone. You are the one who is ultimately in control of your college achievements. 

Here are five easy tips for achieving a successful college experience.

1. It's better to turn an assignment in late, than not at all. It's better to have an excellent late assignment, than a poor effort that's turned in on time. 

Ways To Be A Good Business School Student

1. Be A Leader

You've come to business school to "master" business, right? Great business school students are leaders of people. A large part of the work in graduate school will depend on your ability to work on group projects. The first rule of succeeding in group work is to marshall all of your leadership skills. Whether or not you're named group leader, your ability to inspire and motivate your team members will lead you all to great things in your work -- and great grades.


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